“Imagine rolling over in the morning, clapping that god awful dry mouth you’ve acquired over night due to the lack of water and a high dose of alcohol consumption and even before you open your eyes you suddenly get the realization that THIS here, RIGHT NOW is not your bed. Shit, I’m at the Bridewell again.”

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Found this one a while ago and forgot about it!

Nice short interview with the owner of Palace Skateboards Lev Tanju!

What for you was your favourite time in skateboarding?

Probably the end of the 90’s, I was young and had nothing to do except skate every day. Southbank was all open and the best spot ever, and I just used to chill there for 12 hours a day skating.

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Stealth Wear is the latest project from Adam Harvey.

Designed using metalised fabric that that reflects heat, the ‘Anti-Drone’ garments mask the wearers thermal signature.

A very interesting projects be sure to check out ADAM HARVEY for more information and more projects such as CV Dazzle (camouflage from face detection software) and OFF Pocket (an anti-phone accessory that zero’s your phones signal blocking all incoming and outgoing communication.)

The anti-drone and the off pocket are available HERE (If you’ve got the dough).

Louis Vuitton have just recently had RETNA transform the outside of their Miami Design District store. But now they’re taking it one step further, Louis Vuitton are now releasing a scarf on January 1st 2013 which they have collaborated with the Os Gemeos twins. We’re looking forward to seeing these out on the shop floor. Rumour has it there’s several others which will be released on the same date and available globally across Louis Vuitton stores.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about this exciting collaboration.

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