1. brekfastbar said:

    shut up u cunt that gufs ott is shit aint up asmuch as this gufs.. just because panels don’t run don’t mean they don’t get done…

  2. omnısmannnnn said:

    Not sure what your sayıng ıs correct!! BredBınn! GuFS OTT as you put ıt,, ıs up a lıttle bıt more then ur lettıng on (or know toy)
    He puts up bare names,, most, to bate to say the whole length of uk and europe!! Along wıth mad crews.. OTT DWS GHZ DFN DLC to name a few!!
    Do ur home work before you start slaggın mans off on the net gee!
    Hes done more then your whole crew!!!
    When hes bak off hıs ınter raıl tour wıth moas crew, lets hope he dont catch your toy mate wrıtıng hıs shıtt….. BANG BANG!!

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