Who are you and where do you live?
I´m Jero (a.k.a.Citrus,Froilan) from Pamplona-Iruña, in the North of Spain.

Meaning behind the name?

How did you get interested in graffiti?

What’s your earliest graffiti related memory?
Early 90´s in my city, walking with my parents I think.

Who were your main influences when you started?
I did not have fanzines to inspired me, so people like Blast, Sye, Dino, The STC crew, DRKids from Pamplona were my influences

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How’s the scene in your city?
There are many crews in Pamplona that keep graffiti alive, even though the city hall has a very restrictive policy about graffiti.
I would like to highlight people like Soldi, one of the first writers of Pamplona, who is still doing graffiti.
Also, you can check the flickr group:

Who in your opinion is the best crew in your city and why?
DBRcrew of course!
Because it is our crew!
Need to know anymore?

Best cities you have painted in
I´m in love with Bilbao but,a few years ago I was painting in Koblenz. A great wall of fame, that still has pieces from ECB, DARE, DOES, CAN2…heavy weight.

Worst cities you have painted in
Without a doubt, Cáceres…
Is not personal, only business.

Best time painting
It´s difficult to choose a day, maybe in 2008 & 2009, during the Meeting of Styles in Lleida, Spain.
Every year, a crowd of madafucking outlaw writers. We meet there and make some rap under the sun.
37º – 40º, but so much fun!

Worst time painting.
I can´t remember…I would have been stoned…

Has graffiti ever brought you to places or situations you never thought you’d be in? If so what’s the craziest or most memorable night for you.

Maybe in crazy Zaragoza, where I was living for a couple of years .
Real gangstas from the east side of the Ebro.

What pushes you to carry on?

Do it bigger
Do it Faster
Do it stronger

Do you have any advice for younger writers?
Fight the power
Fuck the police
Get stoned

Any plans for the future?
Try to stay alive…

Steel or Walls?
Actually, I prefer walls, weed & beer

Booze or Drugs?
I like the mix of both

Except fucking tech-house, i like any kind of music, from jazz to drum&bass.
Every moment has its soundtrack

Shout outs
Love to DBR, GBS, LCK, VFC, Griots, MLC………

If you would like to see more of GERO’s work check out his FLICKR!

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