---tupa bus- only fat cup......

Who are you and where do you live?

Im Tupa and I live in a small town very near to Valencia.

 Meaning behind the name?

There is no meaning of Tupa but many years ago when I was writing something else. My best friend said to me, Im going to write “ Tima”, i thought mmmmmmmmmm im Tope,Tape, Tupa. Oh tupa tupa, I said to him okay. Your Tima and Im Tupa, okay? Yea I remember this day.

tupa --------------------more roads---- tupa4wayssWhen did you start writing and why?

When I went with my Mum to Valencia for shopping, I saw fat cap tags, graff on all the walls,  damaged buildings, they all caught my attention. And one day I said I have to try out a tag, In 93, I began testing out tags with markers, fluorescent construction workers spray, inks, liquids to clean shoes, it was all good. Throw ups with in hidden places and visibles places.
And in 94/95  I painted my first piece on the tracks of one old wall , near the train station, I marked the piece with white chalk, and used some colours, I remember everything about that paint. That was a great day and I came home very happy.

Who were your main influences when you started?

All graff that I saw was a influence for me, since my friend Tima studies in a Disney school in Valencia, he was very near all the graffiti that I saw , he begin to know some writer that was in his class. He show me pics and sketches, his mate and writer “Tabe”, was a big influence for us.

Hows the scene in your city?

In the city every day there were more graffiti on the streets, more names, more fat cap tags over shop shutters, places that people can see, more chromes, but in my town it was much slower than the capital, but there were names that people didnt know,

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Best city’s you have painted in?

 I Dont have a best city, I would like paint in every city around the word, each city has their own scene . And the most important thing in the city is the good people that I know, and who I have contact with.

MOveR+tuPa tupanclas09

Best and worst times painting?

The best is when I met Tima and many other writers for the first time, And also when I get home after doing something good.
The worst time, i think, that there are big days and bad days. But the worst days are seeing my mistakes.

Favourite five writers?

Seen, Nova, Esik. Tabe, Tima.

omega+ Tupa:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. --TUPA......................................

What pushes you to carry on?

That im always learning and always make mistakes
I can do many styles.

 Any plans for the future?

Yes, carry on painting and teach my son.tUpa-------------------------valencia roads. tupa alcampo 2 AZT

Steel or Walls?

Most of the time walls but sometimes steel!

Booze or Drugs?

One beer please.

TupA--------------------roads------------------------------ TUPA-BUS WITH RUDY SYSTEM


Rap, hip hop …
Arrested Development-
A tribe called quest.
Da crassroots.
Def Squad .
Digable planets.
Rxnd akozta.

To check out what else Tupa is doing head over to his FLICKR


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