Who are you and where do you live?

I´m SECK of the GBS squad and I´m from the Bilbao suburbs

How did you get interested in graffiti?

In my town, there was a guy who tagged with a marker everywhere , and also I started to see silvers on the tracks near my town.

What’s your earliest graffiti related memory?

All the silvers on the tracks near my town

Who were your main influences when you started?

The bombers of the NG crew and the walls of H49 crew ( Both crews were incredible back then!)

How’s the scene in your city?

People paint a lot of street stuff , and there are also a lot of train writers, maybe because there are four train companies if you include the subway. But there are very few writers who just paint walls

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Who in your opinion is the best crew in your city and why?

GBS crew of course haha

Best cities you have painted in?

It´s dificult to say, but I think that Vitoria-Gazteiz have a realy intensive graffiti. Bombing and walls everywhere. Barcelona also have a realy big transit of writers from everywhere

Worst cities you have painted in?

Its impossible to have a bad city to paint in!

Best time painting?

The days when I paint with old friends and after we go out in at night drunk.They are really magical…………. good walls and lots of trouble ( a lot of the GBS members are now leaving)

Worst time painting?

When I got a € 3000 fine for painting, I didn’t pay it in the end but was still once of the worse moments

Do you have any advice for younger writers?

Thats it for graffiti and for the life……. RESPECT

Any plans for the future?

 I’m always planning another holiday, maybe the next one it´s to Peru

Steel or Walls?


Booze or Drugs?



Rock n Roll!!

Shout outs

A big hug to all my friends, especially all the GBS writers

To keep up to date with what Seck is up too check out his FLICKR!

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