Kaws-The Nature Of Need

Nice interview about Kaws’ latest exhibition entitled ‘The Nature of Need’

Kaws is one of my favourite writers-turned-artist with his instantly recognizable cartoon like characters and vivid colours.

What exactly is the theme of your latest “The Nature of Need” exhibition in Hong Kong?
It’s not exactly a theme, but more a continuation of the painting series that I’ve been doing. I wanted to do a show that just focuses on painting this time. I think I’ve been wanting to do these vertical paintings for a while. I did some when I did the Aldrich show in 2010. I had one painting that was seven feet tall by one foot wide. If it wasn’t for doing that mural I would have never considered that composition; but after doing it, it has just been on my mind to do a strong series of them. Seeing this space, I thought it would a good time to pair this, so it’s like an installation or they can exist on their own.

Full interview HERE and a couple pictures from the exhibition after the jump


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