Who are you and where do you live?

 DMOTE  I live in New York but am from Sydney Australia

Meaning behind the name?

Its just a word that I thought was original and worked in terms of letters that went together, for tagging when I came up with it I was really thinking about peices

When did you start writing and why?

In 85 -86, it seemed like the right art to do at the time, I was bboying already and was into drawing so it came as an easy progression.

Who were your main influences when you started?

When I started it was a dude called style from Sydney, we looked up to him, when I discovered the new york books and magazines it would become, wane dero, seen, shame, skeme, etc…

Hows the scene in your city?

 New york is hard to paint and not graff friendly at all, I like painting here because it just feels right but its not ideal to be pushing the artform.

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Best city’s you have painted in?

Fun times in Sao paolo, Zagreb, Detroit

Best and worst times painting?

Any time that ive painted trains its been great times and the best energy, the worst? theres not that many…

Favourite five writers?

Thats tough…ok im going by my favourite 5 this week! Jurne, Wane, Yes2, Reas, Adek

What pushes you to carry on?


Any plans for the future?

I want to go Europe this year, and get my nut off over there!

Steel or Walls?

Steel…if i could only do that for sure

Booze or Drugs?



I’ve listened to a lot of music..this week…
Blu-No York
Evan Christ
Psychic paramount
the first Shabazz palaces album

To keep up to date with what Dmote is up to check our his BLOG and FLICKR!


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