Norse Projects

Could you break down what Norse Projects actually is?

Norse Projects is a collective, which was started in 2002 by Tobia Sloth from Street Machine, Anton Juul who skates for Nike SB and Carhartt and myself—Mikkel Grønnebæk. We had an idea that Copenhagen needed a store for streetwear. I lived in London from 1999-2001 and watched what happened over there with The Hideout and Bond International and all the stores over there that had a lot of interesting brands, that you couldn’t get in Denmark. So when I moved back, Anton and I started a brand called Castle, which made caps and t-shirts—a lot of graphic stuff. Afterwards we got the idea to create our own store. And because Anton skated for Street Machine there was a natural connection to Tobia, who thought it was a great idea. So we started as a store and then it’s taken us four years to build our own clothing brand.

Crooked Tongues interview with Norse Projects

Found over at Fucknfilthy FACEBOOK

Read the rest HERE


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