east london

Who are you and where do you live?

Ridge LRS – UK

Meaning behind the name?

a long, narrow elevation of land; a chain of hills or mountains.
the long and narrow upper edge, angle, or crest of something, as a hill, wave, or vault.
the back of an animal.
any raised, narrow strip, as on cloth.
the horizontal line in which the tops of the rafters of a roof meet.

When did you start writing and why?

I starting writing just over 7 years ago. There wasn’t really a reason i just caught the bug and the rest is history…

Who were your main influences when you started?

When i started i was pretty young and everyone i could see was a influence it was all new to me. Mainly everyone who was doing it in East London at the time.

Hows the scene in your city?

The scene in my citys grimey its just chrome dubs & bombs vs brown paint.. – With steel if something manages to run past morning rush hour you can put your money on it that it will get flicked and recycled onto every uk blog going haha. As for walls of fame its usualy always the same ones that constantly produce burners but most are abit of a mess.

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Best city’s you have painted in?

Home is where the heart is

Best and worst times painting?

Too many best times & the worst times are only when its in the moment once its over it becomes part of the memories…

Favourite five writers?

I like a lot of different styles & writers, cant really narrow it down

What pushes you to carry on?

The ability to create something out of nothing. The sense of freedom. The escape from reality. That sort of thing…

Any plans for the future?

Yeah just to keep the balance between influence, temptation and responsibility while trying to stay true to myself..

Steel or Walls?

Any surface is a good surface…

Booze or Drugs?

Drinking every now & then dont hurt…


Everything really pretty easy going.

Shout outs

Out to all the krew and everyone contributing to the scene Uk,London,Europe & World Wide

Lastly out to Usual Suspects London

To check out the rest of what Ridge has been up to check out his flickr!!


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