Eric Tearle

Who are you and where do you live?
I’m Eric Tearle and I live just outside of North London right now.
Cameras you use?
I use a Canon AE1 and a Canon 500n for general or publication work. In terms of quick instant/experimental stuff I use my Instax 210 or my Advantix with expired APS film.
 When did you become interested in photography and why?
I learnt to develop photos, and learnt about the whole darkroom process about 10 years ago. I’d always admired photography; I just never tried it out. After a few years I picked up my 500n (that I still have) and started to take photos, I’ve been learning and developing ever since.
 Who were your main influences when you started?
I have always said this and I still maintain him as the main influence but it was defiantly Joseph Rodriguez. His book ‘Eastside Stories’ about LA gangs in the early 90’s made me want to pick up a camera and some Ilford and to start documenting that kind of work. 
What is different between your photography and others?
I’m not really sure. The ‘subjects’ I shoot aren’t all that original. I mean street and lifestyle photography has been around for some time. I guess my approach is different. I’ve tried to develop my own style, my own ‘look’. So I try to be original as possible when it comes to my approach and how I capture that moment. There is a lot of cliché work out there, especially when it comes to lifestyle and certain street wear brands. It’s all just the same. It’s boring and played out.
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Best city’s you’ve been too?
I’ve been to Cancun, mainly for holiday purposes, but Cancun city is pretty ghetto, it was interesting to explore a little. And I’d say Cairo also. The Pyramids are probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t money going to NYC or LA, but I don’t have the money so those plans are on hold.
Favourite five photographers?
       Joseph Rodriguez
       Trent Parke
       B+ And Eric Coleman (they’re a duo so I guess it counts as one)
       Bruce Gilden
What pushes you to carry on?
Just the love of taking shots. I know taking photos everyday and being part of galleries, shows, books, publications etc is what I want to do. I’ve always said that I wanted a job which involves a hobby or a passion and it is something that I will achieve.
Any plans for the future?
I have no idea. I’m just going to carrying out doing what I do, and hope somewhere along the line it gets me where I want to go.

Film or Digital?
Studio or Street?

Hip hop. Mainly 90’s hip hop. I turn my ear to some other genre’s at times.
To check out what Eric has been up to since the interview check out his blog HERE and flickr HERE
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