Who are you and where do you live?
The name is SWEAR , California is what i call home..

Meaning behind the name?
The name speaks for itself no need to put a meaning behind it..

When did you start writing and why?
I started back in 2002 when i was just a teenager tagging and such things until i got bagged in 2004 i was doing a lot of city bombing then.. i stopped for a couple years , then in late 2007 i stepped into a train yard for the first time , i got most of my ups in 2008 to 2009 mainly freight bombing then 2010 came with a burner change then 2011 came with a more quantity with quality standard, and then 2012 is here now i just stick to QUALITY over quantity…. i dont have a special reason i just feel i was born to paint..

Who were your main influences when you started?
To be honest the city i am from has no graffiti history or tradition . i would say i was the one influencing others to paint, when i got into the freight scene my homie big KNISTT and my brother RAOS kept on feeding me motivation to get up..dont get me wrong i am a real self motivated individual..

Hows the scene in your city?
What scene? hahaha where i live to many toys claim to be doing shit, but no one is..i am not into doing city work at least not in my city..i king my city back in 2004 , the only other person who did the same if not more was my brother RAOS that’s how i came to acknowledged him..

Best city’s you have painted in?
Well i would say SAN ANTONIO and OMAHA the freight game is just on point there i love the lines there are always full of surprises..

Best and worst times painting?
The best i would say 2008 to 2011 when my brother RAOS and i was killing steel together, the worse i would say when i got busted in 2004…

Favourite five writers?
This is a real political question i rather not answer , i dont have favorite writers i dont have the time to be looking at other peoples work in that perspective.. if its not in my face then i wont see it, there for most of the graffiti i see is on trains most of it dont impress me or intimidate me, dont get me wrong i appreciate what i am blessed to see . now when your referring to Hollywood writers that’s a different story its all hype !! hahaha

What pushes you to carry on?
Me, my family and the fact that its too late to quit now i spend to much time and money on painting, i can only keep on going from here i know where i am headed.i just need to keep focused on the BIG things in life.. i wont stop until i reach my goals ..even then i will only set bigger goals to achieve, i work hard to get mines..

Any plans for the future?
I learned not to plan the future , shit never works out as fucked up as this sounds i live life by the day because the way i see things is i am not guaranteed tomorrow..

Steel or Walls?
Is this even a ? hahaha 99.9 steel trains freights haha anything on wheels ” just picture me rolling “

Booze or Drugs?
Nope none of the above i am a sober person, dont need any of that to have the heart or courage to do what i do best..

I am not a big music person i just listen to anything that sounds good the shit that gets you in the zone !! if you know what i mean…

Shout outs
To all my real friends , RAOS TERMS NAS MENSE HIVE DWOT MYST KRES and to the future ANT familia !!!

To check out swears flickr click HERE!


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