Who are you and where do you live?

I’m KNAL MOC-DNAS. I’m from Uden

Meaning behind the name?

The meaning of my name translated from Dutch to English is BOOM

When did you start writing and why?

I started in 1999, painted for a year, then stopped at the time because i was having to much fun doing drugs, in 2004 started painting again and I haven’t stopped since

I had some class mates doing it at the time, so I went with them one day and I just loved it. So i started drawing, I did my first piece a month later.

Who were your main influences when you started?

– SONIK 031crew





Hows the scene in your city?

The scene is good, we all know each other and we all paint together. We got it all trains, tracks and walls.

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Best city’s you have painted in?

Sydney by far

Best and worst times painting?

Best time painting was in australia, love the hot weather outthere good people and good beers!

Worst time painting is when im painting in holland in the wintertime, got to stay up, frozen fingers frozen feet.

Favourite five writers?

– Sofles

– Aroe

– Can2

– Banos

– Kawps

What pushes you to carry on?

 I always want to do better pieces, Im never satisfied

10, Any plans for the future?

Travel some more I want to do a tour of America

Steel or Walls?


Booze or Drugs?




Dire straights, hiltop hoods, fakkelteit

Shout outs

Poen-Fish-swer-puaks-rems-komps-tuns-touche-style-muslim-rhone-tora-bleak-font-ebzke-wiks(rip) and so many other good people I met travelling, big ups!

The whole UP family

And all the good people I met on my travels

To keep up to date with what Knal is doing check his flickr here!


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