Italian born Ike has one of the freshest styles on trains, walls and canvas’ anyone has seen in a long time. Hes nearly been writing for twenty years and doesn’t look like hes going to stop anytime soon! Check out the first of our weekly interviews below and be sure to be locked on every Saturday for a new one!!


Who are you and where do you live?

I’m ike from Rome

Meaning behind the name?

Ike was the name of the main character of a porn movie I saw when I was 16..he was a dwarf..a real hero for me!



When did you start writing and why?

I started in 96,i was introduced by a dear friend of mine..named yangsolo..he was one of the first writers/mc’s in Rome..

Who were your main influences when you started?

When I started there was no internet in italy there was only one magazine called AL (LatinAlliance) and it was really hard to find in the bookshops ,so, sometimes i saw pieces from that magazine, but for the most part I was fascinated by my neighbourhoods graffiti..96 was the golden year of graffiti in italy!



Hows the scene in your city?

I think that Rome is growing up artistically,we got some of the best crews in italy..young guys that come and have more material to get more ideas,many of them smash the subway system, giving birth to great works on steel! there are also two or three guys that still hit the line from the Nineties, but we got a lot of copycats too..for them there’s no future..even if they are getting a little bit of fame…biting from other writers suck!

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Best city’s you have painted in?

In Italy I toured a lot to hit the private lines(we got a lot),but the best city to paint walls is definitely Naples ! First because I got a lot of brothers there..and second because it is a real problematic and crazy city..You can paint a wall in the middle of the city, in rush hour and nobody will tell you a thing! Everyone has got other more serious problems to care about! They don’t give a fuck about you and what you do! Outside of Italy New York city ,because it is Mecca for graffiti, and Lisbon because people are crazy,the city is awesome,and the train system is interesting and quiet hard to paint!



Best and worst times painting?

The best times is definitely when I paint with my brothers.and people i care about generally,legals and illegals.The worst is when I get busted..it always ends up a really long night!

Favourite five writers?

There are a lot of writers I respect..like the whole blow crew,some of the tmd’s and msk’s,moas crew.I also love my crew’s graffiti,ml’s,wild boys and many others from Italy.



What pushes you to carry on?

The love!

Any plans for the future?


fcu 2009


Steel or Walls?

Steel but I love walls too!

Booze or Drugs?

Hahah booze! but nowadays I’m on diet, So I try not to drink when I go out!




Hiphop is my life..so i listen to rap..but I listening to dance, dubstep and dancehall too! I know that England is leading in those kind of music,so I expect an invitation for the next good festival!

Any last shout outs?

Big up my crews aeroes crew & mas crew,wildboys crew,kids crew,bn crew,first lines crew,a3000crew,sdt crew,dua boys,philo,robotrock,sart,skase,vt crew,genuine crew,gojo,poim,the crew,arome,deam+,l’me crew,enko4,ldk crew and for the other friends that i forgot! love and respect!

To check out the rest of what ike has been up to check out his flickr!!

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