Os Gemeos

ILG: What is Os Gemeos about? What does the name stand for and what does it mean except two brothers?

OG: It means “Twin brothers”. Family, partners, friends, complement, same world, same dreams…”One world, one voice”

ILG: We would like to hear the story about how it all started for you, you are always together, did you also start painting at the same time?

OG: Yes, we started at the same time. In our childhood we were always together, we created our on way to play. In the 80’s we got more and more into the hip hop culture. We did this breakdance thing, some rap music and of course graffiti. Brazil was a difficult place do run such a life in that time around 1986. We have to mention that everything was difficult, it was hard times. We were broke, no cash for cans, we never had that many colors to paint with. So we used latex paint and rollers for our fillins and we did outlines with an very limited amount of spraypaint, thats what we had to deal with. The cheap way to do graffiti in the streets of Brazil.

ILG: Who was up in that time, anyone you looked up to?

OG: Yes, it was the time of artists such as John Howard, Tupi Nao Da, Alex Valauri, stencil artists and some who did that typical freestyle stuff.

ILG: These artists were into classic graffiti writing or?

OG: No, we and other writers started the so called hip hop graffiti with lettering and b-boy characters. We had a very nice place to chill at, our writers bench “Metro Sao Bento”, the place where all the writers, b-boys, rappers and DJs met in that time.

ILG: Looking back in that time, was it a great part of your life?

OG: Oh man yes, it was a magic time, many big names have started in the late eighties, we remember Thaide Dj, Hum, Racionais and many, many more.

ILG: What was your main media or source to get information about graffiti, any magazines printed back in the days?

OG: Well, it was very difficult to receive information about the hip hop culture. In 1988 we saw the books Subway Art and Spraycan Art for the very first time. The next important thing we can remember is in 1994, back then we met Barry McGee aka Twist. Barry showed us a lot of things. Good tags, fatcaps, amazing throwups and he told us about Style Wars, the movie. So information arrived a bit late to us, but we received them well and from some really good people. Its always good to share and discover things in the right way and learn from it, together.

ILG: How did things go down in the 90’s? Did you ever imagined that it would take a life of its own?

OG: No, never. Until 1994 and 1995 we did different jobs together to make some money. In a food factory, restaurants, a bank, some bars. We did a lot of jobs actually. In that time we lived at our moms place. Mainly to help her.

ILG: And when did your lives change?

OG: It all changed in 1995, back in that time we already tried to invent our own style and strategy in our own world. To find a reason behind the whole thing and why we do this. Again Barry was a big inspiration to us. He lived from his art in that time already. We felt that something have to be changed in our life. We did a lot of little paint jobs already, illustrations or some store decorations and of course a lot of murals in Sao Paulo. But at the same time we did a lot of streetpieces. We learned to use the walls of the city.

ILG: Is Os Gemeos a 2 man army or you got some helping hands sometimes when you do huge productions?

OG: We developed everything, created and executed most things by ourselves. When we do gallery shows we do have some helping hands, some people to help us, to fillin and do some stencils, things like that. But most of the work we do ourselves yes.

ILG: You prefer yellow right? Why?

OG: Yellow and dark red, these are our favourite colors. In Sao Paulo many writers have their own color identification. We start that a long, long time ago, its like identification, like some people do black and white, there is the mystical part too, we believe that we born in the “orange time”, 1974.

ILG: So you prefer latex or spraypaint?

OG: Lets say: both!

For the rest of the interview just click here!


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