Eric Marcinizyn

Eric Marcinizyn is a up and coming tattooist who’s black and white work is becoming the most recognised around the world. Here is an extract from his interview from Complex Art & Design check out the full interview here.

How did you get your start in tattooing?

When I was about 16 or 17, I met a kid named Steve Guerin through mutual friends. He had grown up in and out of tattoo shops with his dad, and at that point had already been tattooing people for a few years. The combination of my life long interested in art, and my unhealthy habit of making my mark on things led me to eventually talking him into letting me try tattooing, on him. He’s still got it on his thigh; an outline of a spoon next to old english outlines of the word “me.” Spoon me. Who knows.

At that point he was already tattooing me, and we hung out a lot. Eventually I started making an effort to watch him work I borrowed his stuff to use once or twice, and then came up on my own gear. I think I was about 20.

Where did you apprentice? What has your experience been like as a younger guy trying to break the industry?

I never actually did a formal apprenticeship. After I got my own stuff, I was tattooing in the house for a year and some change, trying to figure out what I could from one person to the next, and trying to get whatever info out of Steve that he’d offer. I wasn’t doing good work, but with the pictures I had, I managed to get a job at a shop called Trademark Tattoo in Wilmington, DE that Steve’s dad was opening up with BJ Betts in April 2008.

I’ve spent a lot of time as the new guy, so I never expected anything less than a hard time. Some people are nicer than others, and some people are dickheads. I know that the most important factor in furthering myself in the tattoo world is minding my own business, because ultimately work speaks for itself, good or bad. Tattooing as a whole for me has been one big lesson in patience. I feel like I found out that early, or maybe I’m just shy, but I was never in a hurry to get ahead of myself with meeting people, or showing my work. I just had it in my mind that it would happen at the right time.


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