Cyrus Interview

What do you write and where do you come from?

My Name Andreas M¸ller and I’m from Germany. Most people know me as Cyrus or some other aka’s.

How long have you been writing and how did you get into it?

I started being interested in graff in 1997, since my brother was an active train writer too. I saw his panels running on my way to school, he and his crew where real heroes to me. It took some time to dare painting my first pieces. The first years I was painting legals every weekend and got my first adrenaline rushes from little silvers on the local trainline. I have always been painting since then somehow, but for myself I really started painting in 2001 when I did my first panel with my crew mate Gosuñ he did two one-window silver dwarfs and I tried myself on a sulphur yellow fill-in with grey outlines. Just when I I write you these answers, I recognize that I still paint this shitty coulour combination nowadays.

Who do you paint with and what crews do you rep?

There is so much different attitudes how writing should be, that I ended up painting with my Crew and my close friends. Over the years I met some good people out there, which I’m always happy to see and paint with. I’m part of the Blow Crew.

You have one of the freshest styles i have seen for a long, long time. Who or what influenced you most when you started writing?

It’s funny that you see it that way, I never saw me as a big styler. I always tried to do my own thing, which ended up in hundreds of ugly graffiti pieces. I have always been interested in graffiti-magazines, so I tried to bite the Berlin guys the same time as writers from Copenhagen, but I was just too bad in proper biting that I kept painting my shitty pieces. But seriously there where two guys, who where way ahead of their time: Done from the Wild Punks Crew and Crush from the Illheads. Look at those pieces from around 2000 …they still kick ass. These were the guys I was lookin up to.

What’s the most important thing about painting a piece for you, is it just the action of doing it or a little deeper?

Basically there are four things, which make my day: choosing the right colours, the action itself, to see my stuff rolling with a cappuccino and a cornetto in my hand and a good photo you can stick in your blackbook. I have the biggest respect for people who push the boundaries of classic graffiti, but I didn’t had the final idea to break out of this basic – I paint my Name on a train thing.

Do you free style when you paint or?

I’m not the guy scribbling all day long. Thats why I probably have a very slow development in my style. I had a hard time sketching this one on top for you. I have far more routine in using a spray can, then using a pencil. The town I am from has a long history of graffiti writing, although its never been a place for real bombing. It just doesn’t fit to tag a beautiful old town –  that causes probably my bad hand styles. What’s the graff scene like in Germany at the moment, are you a fan?

  In a lively subculture like graff, you always have idiots and decent people. A graff-based  lifestyle offers the best chances to become an idiot, so I’am happy about knowing so many good guys out there. All in all I move myself in a small circle.

What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you when out painting?

Probably the train driver in Bucharest who took our fresh painted whole-train into traffic. When he saw that group of stinky, dirty writers on the bench, he was yelling at us, that our pieces were shit and the writers from the day before were way better.

What are the best cities you’ve visited on your travels?

It’s hard to say. There were places I love for relaxed painting or others where I can paint  a certain train-model. I could also point out some destinations where basically the people I met, made me having a great time. Definitely Basel, Copenhagen and Malmoe are the classics.

Favourite surface to paint?

I enjoy more or less painting on anything. Due to my passion for moving vehicles I mostly paint on steel. My actual favourite are the local transit buses…

Favourite colour combo?

black/grey/white, even when my friends hate me for that never ending combo !

Youtube me a good tune!

When I write these lines, I have this one playing on and off:

People say  that I’am stupid when it’s about music and yes, I definetly listen to stuff like that:

Any writers you are particularly feeling at the moment?

When its about style, for me, Smash is definetly the most outstanding writer of the last decade. He always comes up with real burners. I also like stuff from Roid or Rage from Berlin. The one who is closest to me, is my crewmate Jers…on a trip where we painted around 20 trains, he burned me every time.

Does it annoy you when people put your stuff up on street files?

I knew that this question was coming. In general, yes. I just can’t understand all those benching kids, who get their ìfameî from being the first who uploaded this or that picture. I am often angry not to have the control of my pictures being around in the web. I mean I have no chance to get this pictures off from streetfiles, when I don’t want them to be online. The quality of the pictures mostly sucks and the biggest problem with all that, is that everybody can write everything next to the picture, which can cause serious problems for the writer.

I just don’t see the use of the comment application for illegal graffiti pictures. The only profit is, that the webpage has more clicks. I can’t understand that someone like Esher, who was an active illegal writer himself, can support something like this never ending bullshit talk. On the other hand I got this picture from this  Black piece from a trainspotter over the internet , while my own pictures where really shitty. Sadly stuff like that happens too rarely.

The one tone stuff pieces you have done with Moses are sick. I have seen them in green and orange, how many other colours have you done these in?

Go and get the upcoming Moses/Taps book…

What’s in reaching distance from you right now?

My new Tenga-Egg (I suggest the WEVY Model)

6 months in jail or 1200 hours community service?

For what ?

When you aren’t painting what do you do?

Benching, because I again forgot the arrival time of my panel…

I just got the last issue of Most Wanted mag which is full of your stuff, what’s the next thing you’ll have bits in?

I was just asked for being part of the next Goodfellas Magazine from Barcelona. If thats not enough, you will find my stuff anyway on Streetfiles.

Any shouts?


Nicked from over here.


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